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Having the perfect pool can make those midnight swims even more dazzling, or any swim at all for that matter. The only thing that may beat a midnight swim is a dip into a cool pool to beat the heat during these hot Wichita summer days.

Fortunately, Treescapes offers a wide selection of pool features to offer you something perfectly personalized so that you’re swimming in style.


Whether you want your pool to blend into nature, or make a bold statement against it, the interior is one of the best places to start. This can include a marble finish that glistens under the sunlight, or something more subdued.


If the typical deck options aren’t quite what you’re looking for, Treescapes offers a wide variety of alternative options – from faux cobblestone to cut coral. For concrete decks, you can accentuate that pre-existing material with a translucent stain to really bring out its depth and contrast.

Edge Alternatives

Many customers today who have chosen to construct a new pool – or modify a pre-existing one – have chosen to install an exaggerated coping edge. These not only provide protection for the underground pool shell, they can also provide for quite the stylish statement.

Some options include natural stone, poured concrete – which will blend into the contours of your pool edges – as well as precast concrete.

Waterline tiles

Pool waterline tile options are about as varied as the imagination, but it ultimately boils down to two primary options: color, and smooth or rough. Do you want a flat color, or do you want a pattern of some kind – and how do you want it to feel?

Treescapes offers plenty of tiling options for you to pick and choose to create a customized waterline.


Lighting can turn any pool into a shimmering beauty, especially in the evening. Select from a wide variety of LEDs that can be switched between a variety of color options, transforming your pool into a veritable light show.

Steps, Sunshelves and Beach Areas

Steps are not only a means for entering a pool. Oftentimes, they’re used to hang out with friends before going into the deep end. Wide, elongated steps can allow for plenty of room for people to sit, or sprawl out.

Sunshelves are also great additional features to add to a pool. They’re found at various depths and provide a place for swimmers to lounge with bubbles and/or lights.

Beaches, as the name implies, slope from the deck into the water, meant to evoke the sensation of being at a beach. These can be added to new installations, as well as pre-existing pools.


If you’re concerned about getting in and out of the pool more safely, then Treescapes can provide various accessibility options. This includes steps that are less steep, as well as handrails, and even lifts.

Water Features

A stagnant pool can absolutely spring to life when a dramatic water feature is added. These can range from a variety of waterfalls, spilling bowls, fountains, or bubblers, as well as some more fantastic LED options. Here are a few more specifics on the available water features:

Bubblers create columns of water from your pool, typically on a shelf. Most of the time, these water features must be included in initial pool design.

Colored Fountains utilize LEDs to illuminate the water coming out of a fountain. The fountain itself can either be built with the initial design, or added later as a renovation.

Spillover Inserts allows one source of water to spillover into another.

Basketball / Volleyball additions can transform your pool into a sports arena. Great for when you have friends over.

Jump Rocks are a wonderful feature to add to a shallow body of water, allowing people cross through them easily.

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David Martine is an exceptional contractor! A rarity in the Wichita area. He did an outstanding job on my pool, is responsive to questions and personally worked several Sundays to get the pool up and running by 4 July, only 4 weeks after he started. Highly recommend him!
Jim Schultz

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