Fire Features for Every Backyard

Designing fire into any size of outdoor living space

fire features 300x180 - Fire Features for Every BackyardThink about how you are currenting using your outdoor space. Are you taking full advantage of this living area? If you only thought of how you use your yard during the day, then you are missing out on great opportunities to expand your home’s entire living space in fun and unique ways.

Putting in an outdoor fire feature creates a wonderful new environment right outside your back door that you can enjoy well into the evening. It is a great way to add both beauty and sound to your outdoor living space. Even having a small backyard shouldn’t keep you from being able to enjoy the beauty, warmth and ambiance that a fire feature can bring. You can find a wide variety of fire pits, fireplaces and other unique options for sale right here at Treescapes.

Fire features are definitely a hot item in landscaping. A recent survey of landscape architects found that 75% expect to install some sort of fire feature in their upcoming projects. This has now become the most popular outdoor design element, ranking even higher than lighting and outdoor seating!

Outdoor Fire – Not Just for Night

It’s wonderful to think how enjoyable a night outside by the fire could be, but have you considered how else – and when else – you could enjoy an outdoor fire? An outdoor fire is not just for the nighttime. Consider enjoying your fire with your morning coffee or on a mid-day break relaxing with a good book.

How to Find the Right Fire Feature for Your Home

Choosing the right fire feature for your home depends on a variety of factors: space, budget and how you want to use it.  If children and pets are a concern, check out our blog on the safety issues to consider when deciding upon an outdoor fire option.

fire feature 504x1024 - Fire Features for Every BackyardOutdoor Fireplace

Outdoor fireplaces tend to be more expensive, but it can heat a larger area and create a more dramatic environment for entertaining. It can be great as a central feature to your whole outdoor space.

Fire Pits

There are almost an endless number of options when it comes to fire pits, so you will have no trouble finding one that best fits your outdoor space. From size to material to height, you can have a fire pit made to work exactly for the environment you want to create. Fire pits aren’t just for small spaces. They are excellent options for when you want to create a cozier space that is tucked away. Here at Treescapes, we sell fire pits either manufactured or custom built to match your home perfectly.

Portable Fire Features

There are some amazing new portable options available that are both breathtaking and convenient, such as the dazzling Wave Fire Pit. Whether you’re dealing with limited space or simply want the convenience of having a fire feature that can be relocated including to another home if a move is in your future, a portable fire feature is a great solution.

Originally created in Mexico, chimineas is a portable fire feature that has become increasingly popular in homes across the United States. Chimineas will not put out as much heat as other fire features and may be best for use when wanting to create a smaller entertaining space.

Accessories for a Fire

Once you’ve begun creating a new space that you can enjoy well into the evening hours, there are many great additional items that can accentuate your fire feature. Installing outdoor lighting around the fire will further enhance an outdoor environment you can enjoy at night. A few subtle lights can provide additional lighting without overpowering the fire feature itself. And don’t forget to have enough seating for everyone to be able to enjoy sitting around the fire.

Where to put your Fire Feature

How do you want to use your fire feature? Is it something you want to be the highlight of your outdoor space, placed front and center? Or do you envision it being a cozy spot, tucked away for some quiet relaxing times? In determining where your fire feature should go, factor in how many people you want it to work for. If you want a large fireplace for a large crowd to enjoy, you’ll want to design the layout of your outdoor space to accommodate enough space and seating for all the people.

Need help? Ask the Outdoor Living Experts

Let us help you find the right outdoor fire feature for your home. Contact us at Treescapes to us know about your space and what you’re looking for. Stop by our showroom anytime to see all the amazing fire feature options we have for spaces both large and small!

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