Fire Pits

Wichita summers can be something else – to say the least, blistering one minute, and snowing the next. It’s hard to prepare for such crazy swings in the weather, but there are a few steps you can take, and we’re not just talking about the steps you’ll take into a pool to beat the heat. And there is little that helps to keep you warm when outside better than a fire pit.

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If it’s chilly out, you may not even want to go outside, but if you have people over, or are just looking to catch some air and breathe in the plants or topiary, it can definitely help to stay warm.

Fire pits are one of the surest ways to keep warm when it’s chilly out.

Fire pits are great in plenty of situations. If your backyard barbeque goes long. The sun starts to go down, the moon rises, and the temperature drops. A fire pit can help keep your backyard oasis pleasant until the wee hours of the night.

No matter if you’re in the market for a wood-burning firepit, or one that finds its fuel in propane or natural gas, Treescapes has a wide selection so that you find the perfect match for your perfect backyard.

David Martine is an exceptional contractor! A rarity in the Wichita area. He did an outstanding job on my pool, is responsive to questions and personally worked several Sundays to get the pool up and running by 4 July, only 4 weeks after he started. Highly recommend him!
Jim Schultz

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