Furniture Warranty

Furniture warranties vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but a common theme is any issue must be a manufacturer’s defect for the warranty to apply. Acts of God such as severe weather or wild animal damage are not covered. Nor is using furniture outside the intended purpose of the design, so please don’t stand on your chairs. Some customers don’t know that there are weight limits to chairs, generally 275 lbs and under.  If the chair breaks under excessive weight well, that is not covered. So those pile ups for family photos are not recommended in one chair.  For finishes, what isn’t covered are damages due to bumps and rubs or scratches, but peeling, blistering or excessive fading is. Once a warranty expires the scope of the warranty ends but there are stipulations. For example, as mentioned above, furniture finishes are only covered for 3 years against excessive fading, peeling and blistering. Claims must be made during that 3 year period which started on the day of purchase. It does not carry through the life of the overall warranty. So please keep your receipt, it’s the only validation that is accepted by manufactures. Now frames are covered separately and generally have a much longer warranty. Frames are covered against defects such as a weld breaking under normal daily use.  

Now a long warranty doesn’t always mean better quality some manufactures price with extended warranties in mind. Some offer long warranties because they know their products will last. Generally speaking with normal care your furniture will last for many many years and we only carry the best of the best at Treescapes. 

That’s the simple explanation of very complicated legalese.

Now the legalese – Links to manufacturer’s website warranty 


Northcape (PDF)



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