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Our talented designers paint enchanting pictures at night while adding safety and security with our landscape lighting.

Focal point lighting of large trees, specimen plants, art objects, water features and architecture has become a huge trend in this industry.

We offer a wide range of components in a variety of finishes to fit any budget.  You may choose from inground light fixtures, uplights, pathlights, walllights and downlights with fun accessories such color filters and more.  We do not install kits.  Our design team has chosen a combination of components from companies such as FX Luminare, Nightscaping, Vista and Hadco because they are the best of the best.  Many of these components are handcrafted in the USA from noncorrosive aerospace grade materials with stainless steel or copper finish options.  We now offer LED lighting which uses less energy.  The annual cost to operate LED lighting systems is an average of only $15 a year!

You will be amazed at the flexibility of placement and control of the individual lights in your lightscaping, and you will find the custom design options are limitless!

Let us extend and enhance your hours of evening outdoor activity with landscape lighting.  We will add value to your home and create stunning night scenes on your property.


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