Fire Features for Every Backyard

fire features 150x150 - Fire Features for Every BackyardFire Features for Every Backyard Designing fire into any size of outdoor living space Think about how you are currenting using your outdoor space. Are you taking full advantage of this living area? If you only thought of how you use your yard during the day, then you are missing out on great opportunities to expand your home’s entire living space in fun and unique ways.Putting in an outdoor fire feature creates a wonderful new environment right outside your back door that you can enjoy well [...Read more]

Outdoor Fire Features 101

image001 150x150 - Outdoor Fire Features 101Outdoor Fire Features 101 How to choose the best and safest backyard fire structure for your home and family What can you bring to your backyard to create more fun and ambiance for yourself and your family? An outdoor fire feature is a great way to bring new life to your outdoor space. There are more options than ever when it comes to fire pits, fireplaces and other outdoor fire features. You can find a wide variety of firepits, chimneys and other unique fire options for sale right here at Treescapes.Understanding [...Read more]

Outdoor Fountains 101: Care and Cleaning

fountain2 Medium 150x150 - Outdoor Fountains 101: Care and CleaningOutdoor Fountains 101: Care and Cleaning Water fountains are great additions to your outdoor space and are relatively low maintenance. They come in a wide variety of options and price ranges. They rely on a submersible water pump to constantly circulate the water in the fountain. This process also helps to keep the fountain clean and functioning. A constantly running fountain is already doing some of the work needed to keep itself clean and operating well. The primary work required for you will [...Read more]

Maintenance of Outdoor Water Fountains

fountain3 Medium 150x150 - Maintenance of Outdoor Water FountainsMaintenance of Outdoor Water Fountains Answers to Common Questions & Troubleshooting IssuesA water fountain is a great way to add both beauty and sound to your outdoor living space. You can find a wide variety of outdoor fountain options, including many for sale right here at Treescapes. In addition to the wonderful ambiance they can bring to an outdoor environment, what is also wonderful about water fountains is that they are quite low maintenance.The primary maintenance you will need to [...Read more]

Care and Cleaning of Sunbrella Furniture Fabric

20180530 134753 Medium 150x150 - Care and Cleaning of Sunbrella Furniture FabricKeeping Outdoor Furniture Fresh & New The Care and Cleaning of Sunbrella Furniture FabricA beautiful outdoor living space is a vibrant living space. From flowers to furniture, you can turn your backyard into the outdoor oasis of your dreams with the color choices you make. You should be able to enjoy your vibrant options for many seasons to come, so what can you do to make sure your outdoor furniture and cushions stay looking fresh and new? First step to long-lasting outdoor furniture [...Read more]

Music of the Spheres Wind Chimes

We recently started restocking our high quality tonally correct "Music of the Spheres" wind chimes. These are not cheap products you would find at the big box stores but perfectly harmonious and meticulously crafted chimes.  You have to hear them to appreciate what could really top off your backyard oasis. I'll be adding more real tone demonstration once the wind picks up and traffic calms down. [...Read more]

Our Award of Excellence

treescapes logoWe recently told you about attending a conference where we got to meet with other people in the industry, and where we received an award. The APSP International Awards of Excellence program distinguishes and rewards spas, hot tubs and pool installation, plus other water features that showcase the most attractive and creative work within the industry.Our official award was the 2014 APSP International Award of Excellence merit award in the “Freeform” category. It was truly an honor to be [...Read more]

Five advantages to planting container gardens

container gardenThe art of container gardening dates back thousands of years and shares ties to ancient Rome, Egypt, and the Orient. From hanging gardens to rooftop gardens, the use of containers and pots gave people in the cities the opportunity to grow vegetation. You'll see some plant containers perfect for your patio at Treescapes Outdoor Living Center.Today, whether you choose to grow vegetables, mixed flowers or succulents on your patio, a container garden gives you the opportunity to better control your [...Read more]

Caring for Swimming Pools – A few tips

Five tips for caring for your poolWho doesn’t love the cool, refreshing waters of swimming pools on hot, summer days? Whether you cherish your time relaxing with family and friends on the weekend or rely on your pool for exercise, a sparkling clean swimming pool is a superb addition to any home. Keeping it in top shape throughout a season confronted by bacteria, environmental pollutants, and body oils can be a challenge, however. Whether you have an in ground gunite pool or a vinyl liner pool, here are five tips to preserving the [...Read more]

Four ways to create a cozy patio space

cozy patioYour patio or lanai space should be your refuge, the place you and your family head to unwind after a long day. It needs to be inviting and give you the opportunity to entertain your family and friends comfortably.There are several design elements to remember when pulling together a cozy patio. Whether you are building it from scratch or revamping an outdoor space with patio furniture, keep the following factors in mind:Select a style that complements the architectural details of your home [...Read more]
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