Outdoor Fire Features 101

How to choose the best and safest backyard fire structure for your home and family

image001 300x225 - Outdoor Fire Features 101What can you bring to your backyard to create more fun and ambiance for yourself and your family? An outdoor fire feature is a great way to bring new life to your outdoor space. There are more options than ever when it comes to fire pits, fireplaces and other outdoor fire features. You can find a wide variety of firepits, chimneys and other unique fire options for sale right here at Treescapes.

Understanding the difference between your options is the first step in determining which one is right for not just your space, but also for your family and your budget.

Fire Feature Options

image003 300x225 - Outdoor Fire Features 101Outdoor Fireplace

Installing a fireplace for your backyard is generally a more expensive investment than other fire features, but it can heat a larger area and create a more dramatic environment for entertaining in a large space. Because the fire is more contained than a fire pit, a fireplace may be safer for families with children and pets.

Fire Pits

There’s nothing like bringing family and friends together around an open fire. Fire pits are usually more affordable than outdoor fireplaces. Another major benefit of a fire pit is the variety of styles available. While you may have to consider safety issues regarding an open fire, fire pits do allow for such wonderful opportunities as roasting marshmallows! Let Treescapes help you find or custom build a fire pit that meets the needs of your space and budget.


The fire burning in chimineas are contained making this portable fire feature a safer option for having around children and pets. This also means that clean-up is easy and minimal, leaving only a small amount of ash to dispose of. Chimineas were designed so that the smoke from the fire goes upward, keeping clear of the people sitting around enjoying the fire.


Where to put your Fire Feature: Staying Safe & Following the Law

Ensuring the proper safety measures are in place for any outdoor feature starts first with determining where to put it. You will want to consider how you hope to use your fire feature and accommodate for enough space and seating for that size of crowd.

Each municipality has its own requirements regarding fire features on a homeowner’s property. In Wichita, fire pits cannot be larger than 3 feet in diameter and the flame cannot be higher than 2 feet. In-ground fire pits need to be 25 feet away from anything combustible, such as decks, fences and homes. Portable fire pits need to be 15 feet away. If you are using a portable fire pit, it must have a spark arrester, which is a screen covering the top. It’s best to set a portable fire features atop a natural surface such as concrete, stone, gravel or brick. Putting it on a wood deck can be dangerous if embers fly.

Per Wichita regulations, you are only permitted to burn firewood or limbs, not trash or refuse. More information on city regulations regarding fire features, check out the City of Wichita’s 2018 Community Services booklet.

Need help? Ask the Outdoor Living Experts

Let us help you find the right outdoor fire feature for your home. Dealing with a small space? Learn how to assess which fire features work best for different environments.  Stop by our showroom anytime to see all the amazing fire feature options we have for spaces both large and small! Contact us at Treescapes to us know about your space and what you’re looking for.

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