Installing a pool is an involved process, and we here at Treescapes want to ensure that we’ve answered any possible questions you may have before we remove a single lump of dirt.

  1. Do you offer free estimates?

Yes, in-store estimates are free. Just come by our offices and one of our reps will be happy to provide you with a free estimate. We’ll take into consideration a variety of factors that may impact the cost of installing a pool, and ensure that the cost of each of those factors is clear.

  1. What does your typical package include?

Typically, we build custom pools from the ground up. There are no “packages,” but a typical play pool is 5 feet in depth, with a 75-foot perimeter and 350 square foot surface area, and 300 square feet of acrylic lace decking. However, we’ll be happy to build a pool to your desired specifications, whatever they may be.

  1. Can you build diving pools?

Yes, but these days play pools are far more popular. We’ll still happy to construct a diving pool, but they’re typically more expensive and have more safety guidelines.

  1. How long does it take to install a pool?

If all goes according to plan, and Wichita’s random rainstorms don’t impede, installation takes typically between 4-6 weeks.

  1. Is construction noisy?

For most of the phases, no. However, since excavation requires the use of heavy machinery, there is a noise cost. We typically do any potentially loud work during daylight hours, but if you’d like for us to keep quiet at any point, just let us know!

  1. Will you acquire the permits for me?


  1. How long do permits take?

Generally, it takes 2-3 weeks.

  1. Do I need a pool cover and what are your options?

While a pool cover isn’t necessary, they can be a great barrier to prevent dirt and other debris from dirtying your water, ensuring that it remains crystal clear when you’re not using it.

  1. Are the covers safe for kids?

This depends entirely on the cover. We will be able to help you determine which covers are safe for children and your pets.

  1. How is a pool paid for?

Down payments vary depending on the materials used. From there, we’ll come up with a manageable payment plan.

  1. How much more is a spa add-on or other amenities?

That can vary depending on which amenities are chosen, but an in-ground spa can be as much as $12,000 extra.

  1. Can water features be added later?

It depends. Some features can be added afterwards, but others have to be built along with the pool.

  1. Can the pool pump be hidden?

Don’t worry. Treescapes places equipment in the best possible spot for function and aesthetics. We can hide them behind screens, or in foliage.

  1. Does a pool increase the value of my home?

Yes, but it’s not a direct transfer. A $15,000 pool won’t increase the cost of your house by $15,000.

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David Martine is an exceptional contractor! A rarity in the Wichita area. He did an outstanding job on my pool, is responsive to questions and personally worked several Sundays to get the pool up and running by 4 July, only 4 weeks after he started. Highly recommend him!
Jim Schultz

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