Swimming Pool Repair

If you’ve lived here in the Wichita area long enough you know that the summers can go to the extremes. On days like that, there’s nothing better than jumping into your own pool to beat the heat. The last thing you want is for that pool to malfunction or for there to be an eyesore in your otherwise pristine pool. BigWave Pools has more than 20 years of experience in repairing any manner of pool problems, including:

  • Pumps and filter equipment
  • Pool Lighting
  • Pool Liners
  • Cleaning

Common Issues Requiring Pool Repair

Pool Pumps

slide3 3 300x169 - Swimming Pool RepairIn many ways, your pump is one of the most important parts of your pool. It pushes water through all the different equipment at play (such as the filter and heater). If any of those systems aren’t working, there’s a chance that the issue traces back to your pump or a valve. If none of them are working, that’s almost a sure sign that your pump has stopped working.

Treescapes can either repair your old pump, or replace it if necessary, ensuring that you have the exact pump necessary for your pool’s needs.


If the pump isn’t at fault, then perhaps one of those previously mentioned pieces of equipment needs to be repaired or replaced.

A filter could be exhibiting leaks, or the water in your pool is just not filtering. Either way, you can trust that Treescapes has the experience to repair it, or if necessary, replace it all together.

The same goes for a heater. Of course, you’re going to know when your pool’s heater is on the fritz. It will either stop heating altogether, or heat poorly.

Pool Liners

If your pool liner has developed a tear, Treescapes is fully capable to patch it up for you, assuming the tear isn’t too severe, and if anything else is wrong with – such as the liner itself coming loose from its tracks, then we can come help pop it back into position.fiest pools 028 300x167 - Swimming Pool Repair

Also, a friendly tip if you want to try placing it back into its track yourself: a hair dryer is great at expanding the material so that you can easily stretch it back into position. Hot water will also give you similar results.


If you’ve let your pool sit for a season (or two) without a cover, or one that’s leaky, and it has started to look more like a pond, we’ll be happy to come out and give it a deep, thorough cleaning, including brushing all the tiling, cleaning baskets, clearing out pool debris, and even servicing filters if need be. Just give Treescapes a call at 316-733-6388.

Pool repair and maintenance may seem somewhat daunting, especially to a new pool owner, but with the helping hands of Treescapes, we can help to ensure that any and all pools are clean, maintained, and glistening through all those hot Wichita summers. Just give us a call or contact us today.

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Treescapes specializes in turning your backyard into an absolute oasis, whether it’s new construction, furniture or a pool repair. If you’d like to see first hand what our talented craftsmen can do, don’t hesitate to stop by and see us. We are located just minutes outside of Wichita at 1202 N. Andover Rd. in Andover, KS.

Our showroom has examples of the types of outdoor furniture, plant life, and pools that we create to form the perfect outdoor experience. We even have our own pool on display.

David Martine is an exceptional contractor! A rarity in the Wichita area. He did an outstanding job on my pool, is responsive to questions and personally worked several Sundays to get the pool up and running by 4 July, only 4 weeks after he started. Highly recommend him!
Jim Schultz

fiest poolsWhy you should trust Treescapes

  • Our Experience: Treescapes has over twenty years of experience and employs over 40 talented craftsmen.
  • Our Qualifications: All of our technicians maintain their CPO certifications, ensuring that our pools are built safely, and to last.
  • Our Commitment: We’re committed to providing the backyard oasis of your dreams.
  • Our Guarantee: Treescapes is also committed to customer satisfaction in all the work that we do, from pools to patios.

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