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Caring for Swimming Pools – A few tips

Five tips for caring for your poolWho doesn’t love the cool, refreshing waters of swimming pools on hot, summer days? Whether you cherish your time relaxing with family and friends on the weekend or rely on your pool for exercise, a sparkling clean swimming pool is a superb addition to any home. Keeping it in top shape throughout a season confronted by bacteria, environmental pollutants, and body oils can be a challenge, however. Whether you have an in ground gunite pool or a vinyl liner pool, here are five tips to preserving the [...Read more]

Four ways to create a cozy patio space

cozy patioYour patio or lanai space should be your refuge, the place you and your family head to unwind after a long day. It needs to be inviting and give you the opportunity to entertain your family and friends comfortably. There are several design elements to remember when pulling together a cozy patio. Whether you are building it from scratch or revamping an outdoor space with patio furniture, keep the following factors in mind: Select a style that complements the architectural details of your home [...Read more]

Healthy, green grass – Some tips by Treescapes

4 ways healthy grassProducing and maintaining a green lawn requires a commitment to lawn care. Whether you take on the arduous task yourself or hire a lawn care professional, it’s important to create a custom seasonal regimen as it doesn’t take long to go from lush green grass to a brown mess. Keep the following Treescapes guidelines in mind when caring for your lawn: Hydration is keyThe amount you need to water depends not only on where you live but on the time of year. Providing enough water at the right times [...Read more]

Three tips for selecting grills

selecting the right grillWe know it’s tempting when you enter a store that showcases various grills, to head straight for the biggest and baddest grill on the showroom floor. It’s so shiny and it has multiple grilling surfaces, fancy gauges and side burners -- it’s an outdoor chef’s dream. And, chances are, this grill has a pretty hefty price tag. It’s important, however, to keep in mind the size grill you need and the space your have available for outdoor cooking. You want to get the most bang for your buck. Consider [...Read more]

Three ways to protect your plants from freezing temperatures

freezing temperatureLandscaping experts, like Treescapes, will tell you that your plantings play an important part in your environment for they not only help provide much-needed oxygen through photosynthesis, they provide long-term beauty to your landscape. Throughout the summer you most likely care for them by providing water on hot, dry days and perhaps specific feedings, but what should you do when freezing temperatures are in the forecast? How can you increase the chances of preserving your special plantings in [...Read more]